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Report of Voting for Women Committee in final
Cambodia is a developing country and most of Cambodian is feminize po verty as they lack of opportunity to go to school compare to men. Because of many factor s such as poverty, debt, landlessness, big family members, natural disaster, domestic violen ce have pushed them to migrate from their village in order to find work in ci ty/urban area to earn money so that they can support the neediness of their families.
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tags : Community-Based Organizing, 2002

Report on Kampong Som Field Trip
Located on the outskirts of Sihanoukville, in the suburban area of Khan Mittaheap, Oh Moui, Oh Bii, Oh Bay and Chamcar Ceak used to be old established brothel are as according to Phuong over ten years ago but on our arrival we noticed that most of the brothels had c losed down. Now in the area there is one garment factor y that makes shoes.
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tags : Community-Based Organizing, 2002

Trade liberalisation
Trade liberalisation is the process of reducing and removing Go vernment regulations on local and international trade and allowing a “ free ” market to operate in a country.
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tags : Labour, 2002

The 8th March is an historical day for the women all ov er the world. It acknowledges their struggle to achieve women's rights, equality and protection, and an end to discrimination. In the 19th Century, some European countries made a swift shift to industrial enterprises, which meant an explosion in the number of men, women and c hildren working in factories. The factory owners placed little value on the female worker mea ning women were forced to work long hours an d for low wages.
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tags : Community-Based Organizing, 2002